Osaka Free Wi-Fi provides free Internet access at approximately 4,600 locations in Osaka.

Osaka Free Wi-Fi is available at stations and major locations.
Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite is available at individual stores.


  • Tap 'setting'

  • Tap 'Wi-Fi' on

  • Choose 'Osaka_Free_Wi-Fi' or

  • The authentication screen launches automatically.

  • Tap 'internet here'

  • Tap 'register right away'

  • Confirm terms of use then, tap 'agree'

  • Enter email address then, tap 'confirm'

  • If email address is not wrong, tap 'register'

  • Check security level then, tap 'agree' (2parts)

  • It is connencted to internet. Screen will be changed automatically.

  • Please utilize Osaka Enjoy Rally fully.